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13 noiembrie 2017 18:00 - 19:30


13 noiembrie 2017
18:00 - 19:30
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Bruce A. Little, Senior Professor of Philosophy, has lectured in various venues in Europe, including universities in and Africa on philosophy and issues related to culture. Most recently he has lectured in universities in Romania and Ukraine as well as taught as a visiting professor at Ostrog Academy National University on “The development of the Western Mind”. He is published in academic journals and author of 7 books and editor of 2 books as well as contributor to several books.

Last month marked the 500th anniversary of what is considered the beginning of the Protestant Reformation with Martin Luther nailing his 95 thesis on the Castle Church door in Wittenberg. This talk first looks at developments in Europe prior to the Reformation to provide a historical context and then identifies the major ideas defining the Reformation and how those ideas worked out in a way that shaped much of Europe’s culture. This talk makes no judgement on the Reformation; it only attempts to deal with the cultural consequences.


Centrul Multicultural al Universității Transilvania din Brașov
Centrul Multicultural al Universității Transilvania din Brașov Bd. Eroilor 29, parter Rectorat UTBv
Brasov, 500036 RO
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