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27 februarie 2018 18:50 - 21:50


27 februarie 2018
18:50 - 21:50
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So it’s kinda cold outside and they kinda have some trouble with the hating system downstairs, but who cares about that? This is why you come to us: for the hottt people, the properly smelling daisies and them awesome pastries. Plus the truckload of Random™that just needs to be unleashed every week. Come to THE Pub Quiz in The Hockey Pub for your mandatory slice of nice on a Tuesday night! Otherwise, don’t worry, the strip joint is still only a house removed! 😀

Please don’t miss the right time of THE Pub Quiz!

Winners are eligible for prizes only if they stay until the end (cough-cough), very important! Keep in mind that we have cool film tickets from Cinema One for you guys! 😀

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Remember that smartphones are still the most hated accesory of the establishment, just in case you were wondering! 😉

The eighth Pub Quiz Championship is ON and you can follow the standings in our Facebook group here:


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THE Pub Quiz in the local media: http://www.zilesinopti.ro/articole/13826/quiz-nights-in-brasov

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The Pub Quiz Championship is simple and straightforward:

1. Points that are collected in each Pub Quiz are added and the first team to reach 1500 points wins the Grand Prize. Obviously, every good answer counts! If two teams reach 1500 points in the same Pub Quiz, the one with more points at the end of that particular Pub Quiz is the winner of the general. Duh!
2. The Grand Prize is a hefty voucher of 500 RON in The Hockey Pub, but there is a plethora of prizes in each and every Pub Quiz and everybody can win! Every Pub Quiz sports a prize for the best team of the night and a Random Prize for another lucky team. Random prizes can go to the team in the last place, the team in the second place, to somebody who hit the ”going” button on Facebook or to one of the teams that did best in the Picture round, Music round or Special round..
2. Teams will choose a captain, so they can keep changing names, and keep things fun, if they want to.
3. Teams will be limited to a maximum number of 10 members, nothing beyond. If there are more than that, teams will need to split, no hard feelings.
4. Leave that cell phone alone! Pretty please. Or else! Google, Wikipedia, Shazam and others as such are total no-nos! If you need to check on your messages or to post pictures online, you will do it outside the quiz, or you risk bringing your team a shameful penalty!

This is The OG Pub Quiz version 4.0, the most promising yet! We gather weekly since 2009 and it’s time to refresh again. As of right now, The Hockey Pub is the smooth official home of THE Pub Quiz and an awesome new beginning.

We’re The Original, in a 7 year long tradition, and the only English-speaking Pub Quiz in town, well-known to locals, always open to new foreign guests. 🙂 Still downtown, still fun and still by Friends for Friends and Friends to be.

Business as usual on Tuesdays. Make sure to call for a table, if you don’t have a permanently reserved one yet! 😀

All Pub Quiz participants get a 10% discount on items in the menu. You can also expect some nice surprises from our sponsors: Cinema One, Becks/Staropramen and Demmer’s. Plus the odd bonus throughout the year, ‘cos who knows? 😉

Quiz starts at 19:00, just like always. Please fly in on time!

Regular teams will have permanently reserved tables.
For extra reservations, please call 0731 919 919
For other happenings, please check The Hockey Pub’s Facebook page: www.facebook.com/TheHockeyPubBrasov


The Hockey Pub
The Hockey Pub Strada Nicolae Bălcescu 12
Brasov, 500019 RO
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